Saturday, May 16, 2009


Meet Clive
He is the largest 14h gelding I have ever known! He weighs in at a little over 1100 pounds. He was originally imported by BFS from Syd, we believe about 5 years ago. Clive is an incredible old soul, and is very much a therapy horse, and helping young kids who are afraid of horses. He is like a tree, there, rooted to the ground when they are next to him. His huge kind eyes gently look a the youngsters, inviting them to come to him for a hug.
Clive and Ace have recently become part of our Gypsy Horse family, many thanks to G.L. for your passing their stewardship to us.

The Queens Diamond aka "Molly"

Molly is our future "In Hand" show prospect. At one year she is already 14hh, 750lbs. She is conformationally correct with superb uphill movement, striking alertness and carriage. She recently completed a clinic at Gene and Sonya Browns, and I was very thrilled with her performance. Here is a photo a Di Ann did that shows Molly hobbled for the first time. Note how calm she is, and no one is near her. This is what I love about the Gypsy as a breed. While they are still horses, with horse predator/prey instincts, they are by and large a very docile breed. Sonya did a superb job getting Molly ready for this moment working her and de sensitizing her for about 15 min prior. Thanks Sonya!!!!

Look how far away everyone is from her! Most babies would be uncomfortable with no one close by for security.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Cimmarron Gypsy Horses is a small herd of quality horses located in the rolling hills of Weatherford, Texas.

We currently have for sale a gorgeous black and white tobiano filly from Emerald,( who is a daughter of The Diamond Cutter) and Jimbo, (out of Syds Good Stallion.)

Sorcha is already showing incredible conformation and substance. She will suitable for Dressage, Show and Carriage. This is a repeat breeding, and we are very thrilled to be working the a third. This cross really works!